Friday, September 13, 2013

Mormon Comedy is now Online

BYUtv's Studio C
If you haven't been paying attention, Mormon comedy has now gone online. It used to be that when you went to the movies to watch a Mormon movie, it was a low-budget hammy comedy (or good one) which I think all of us are grateful aren't coming out anymore. There were ton's of them. Movies about singles wards, returned missionaries and even home teachers.

 If you've gone recently to watch an LDS movie in the theaters, you'll notice a lack of comedies now on the big screen. There are pioneer films (17 Miracles, Ephraim's Rescue), WWII films (Saints and Soldier's: Airborne Creed) and Christmas movies(Silent Night, Christmas Oranges).  But no more comedies. Why? Well over the last 10 years or so when Mormon Cinema 'died' it actually has gone through a transformation.  With the economic Crisis that hit, investors disappeared and so did a big wave of Mormon Cinema (Check out my recent post on why LDS Cinema is NOT dead for more info.)

There is Studio C,  basically a cleaned up Mormonized version of Saturday Night Live which is broadcast on BYUtv and on BYUtv's Studio C website. It also happens to be broad cast on 866 cable TV stations and their youtube videos have over 4 million views. The sketches are clean, if a little silly and it's very hard to tell except in some ways that it's produced and acted by Mormons. People have said it shows that we have a funny side. Go figure. If you haven't watched it yet, I really recommend you do.

Secondly we have the popular Pretty Darn Funny Youtube series. It's specifically aimed at housewives and even marketed to them too (you can watch the episodes while waiting to pickup your kids from school!) It's funny, if not always believable, it's a bit reminiscent of Singles Ward  and other films that made fun of the LDS culture without really saying that it's making fun of Mormons. Their Downton Abbey Rap has almost 90,000 views and was featured on the Downton Abbey facebook page. 

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